Welcome to Mekiro BV

Mekiro is a wholly owned subsidiary of Meade-King, Robinson & Company Ltd (MKR). It has been established in order to distribute a portfolio of Base Oils and related products to mainland Europe.

MKR is the largest independent distributor of Base Oils in the United Kingdom. It has amongst its principals, Shell and Petronas, as was rated “Top Process Oil Distributor” by Shell during 2012. In addition, MKR was rated 42 on the Sunday Times list of fastest growing UK exporters in 2012 demonstrating its commitment to the European Market.

Mekiro has access to 140 years of MKR distribution experience. The Company will use its technical and logistics excellence to provide the highest quality customer service in delivering its highly refined Base Oils to users throughout Europe.

Product Colour ASTM D6045 Flash Point ISO2592 KV @ 40C ISO3104 KV @ 100C ISO3104 Density @ 15C ISO1285 Pour Point C NFT60105 Viscosity Index ISO2909
100SN Technical Specification Safety Data Sheet 0.6 207 20.4 4.1 0.886 -13 96
150SN Technical Specification Safety Data Sheet 0.7 225 30.4 13.9 0.89 -12 101
500SN Technical Specification Safety Data Sheet 2.2 265 95 10.7 0.884 -7 96
Base oil BSS Technical Specification Safety Data Sheet 4.5 323 498 32.1 0.9 -6 95