Polyethylene Waxes



Polyethylene wax has a wide range of applications:-

  • Varnish and paint productions
  • Printing ink production
  • Lubricant for PVC
  • Lubricant for caoutchouc and synthetic elastomers
  • Lubricant for ABS and polystyrene
  • Lubricant for polyamide 6-regranulate
  • Lubricant for TPE (thermoplastic elastomers)
  • Candle making
  • Nucleation agent for EPS (expandable polystyrene)
  • Carrier material for pigment or additive concentrates
  • Viscosity control in hot melts
  • Paraffin Compounds
  • A component in grouting or insulating compounds
  • A processing agent for filler compounds
  • Emulsion production technology
  • Emulsion for use as textile auxiliary
  • Mould release agent

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